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CNG Florist Sundries

Oasis Smithers SEC Dry Floral Foam 20 Blocks (2842)

Oasis Smithers SEC Dry Floral Foam 20 Blocks (2842)

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Oasis Smithers SEC Dry Foam Bricks

Quantity: 20 Oasis Bricks

 Size: 23cm length x 11cm depth x 8cm height

Foam: Dry SEC Foam (For Dried & Silk Flowers)

Oasis SEC dry bricks are the perfect medium for use in all your everyday,

dried and silk floral arrangements. Its high density means that all stems are held firmly in place,

providing you with the security and stability that is required. SEC dry bricks are easy to cut, glue,

or spray another colour, (e.g. gold or silver, especially useful at Christmas) and most important are fire retardant.

Oasis dry foam is easy to cut, bonds with Oasis floral adhesive, easy to insert stems with an excellent holding power.

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