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Oasis Smither Wet Floral Foam 20 Block Fresh Flower (3003)

Oasis Smither Wet Floral Foam 20 Block Fresh Flower (3003)

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Oasis Wet Foam Bricks (One Box)
 Quantity: 20

Oasis Maxlife Bricks Size:

 Length 23cm

 Depth 11cm

 Height 8cm

 Foam: Maxlife Foam (For Fresh Flowers)


 Oasis Smither Wet Floral Foam.

A standard brick sized piece of Oasis maxlife floral foam can absorb approximately 1.9 litres of water and gives the flowers water when needed.
Because of its unique cell structure, Oasis floral foam holds at least 98% of the water absorbed.
Cutting lines, excellent water source, quick saturation and low drainage. Can be used for all kinds of floral arrangements
Choose the unparalleled quality of Oasis Smither Wet Floral Foam, a premium floral foam designed for long-lasting floral arrangements. Its unique formula boasts superior water retention, keeping your flowers hydrated and radiant for an extended period.
Oasis floral foam's ease of use and versatility make it a favorite among florists, allowing you to effortlessly cut it to any size or shape to suit your creative needs. Shop Oasis Smither Wet Floral Foam today at CNG Florist Sundries.
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