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CNG Florist Sundries

1 x Oasis Ideal Maxlife Foam 2.6m Netted Wedding Garland (2870)

1 x Oasis Ideal Maxlife Foam 2.6m Netted Wedding Garland (2870)

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Oasis Ideal Foam Netted Garland

Foam Type: Wet (for fresh flower use)

Quantity: 1 Garland

Total Length: 2.6 Metres

Individual Cylinder Length: 13cm x 5cm 

Total Amount of Cylinders: 12

Quick soaking and high water retention

Optimum density to grip stems

Ensures long flower life thanks to Maxlife technology

Made in the UK

This is a popular, top selling, top quality, market leading Oasis Smithers product for craft & fresh floral work.

The genuine Oasis Floral Foam Maxlife Ideal Sphere provides longer life for flowers upto 50% longer - than in previous floral foam. 

And, for the first time, it is the only floral foam in the industry proven to meet or beat flower life in a vase.  

A labour saving product that saves time and trouble,

and most important of all gives you the security of knowing that your flowers are secure and are firmly placed in the design.

Ideally used to create a unique Floral Design for all floral arrangements, but can also be used for other arts & craft projects.

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